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A better way to market your holistic practice while treating patients with excellence

Did you know you can grow a business by implementing four simple factors? In my 10+ years in the web development and marketing arena, I found these 4 elements make or break a business online and offline.

  1. Positioning 
  2. Visibility
  3. Authority
  4. Social Proof 

But why should you care as a dentist or chiropractor? You don’t run a business, you operate a clinic. Let’s first address why this is relevant for you as a healthcare provider.

Why Marketing Matters for Holistic Health Practitioners

Although you’re in the business of restoring and maintaining your patients’ health, your practice is a dull entity; it has the business side and the healthcare portion.

Don’t Have the Time or Skills?

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You need both sides to build a successful practice. The business side of your practice is necessary because it enables you to serve your patients without worrying about your doors being closed. 

If you can’t pay operational expenses (regardless of the value you bring to your patients), you won’t be around to help them. Thats why you need a solid marking solution for your practice.

Incorporating these four elements into your marketing strategy will give you a greater chance to continue serving your patients longterm.

Let’s break it down. 

4 Steps to Expertly Market Your Natural Clinic & Serve Patients at a Higher Level

1. Positioning

Positioning helps you identify your ideal audience and your audience to identify you. Equally important, clear positioning repels unwanted leads that could rob precious time or hinder the right patients from getting on your calendar. 

Positioning greatgly streamlines your onboarding process so you can grow your practice more efficiently.

Get your positioning on point and you’ll spend less time sifting through unqualified leads so you can leverage your time to lead your clinic the way you need to.

2. Visibility 

Visibility allows you to be discovered by those looking for your service. Visibility acts as the PR for your service.

Having a life-changing product or service is not enough. The power of your product is in its availability. Make it discoverable or it’s useless to those who need it most.

Being visible means you’re available and your service is too. And accessible service or product is useful and valuable to the people needing it.

3. Authority

Visibility is important, but visibility alone is not enough. You also need authority. Think about restaurants you’ve driven by many times but never dine in. It’s visible is it not? 

Authority brings credibility to your practice. Authority says you are knowledgeable and skillful. A pro at your art, a master of your craft. An industry leader.

Your industry authority bears witness to your expertise and tells a potential client you have what it takes to succeed in helping them.  

4. Social Proof

While authority puts a spotlight to your knowledge, skill, and professionalism, social proof is a strong outside voice that validates your authority.

Next-generation consumers require a minimum of 280 reviews to entertain staying on your platform before committing to a transactional relationship. 

And that’s just for purchasing a product.

Trust means a lot more when someone is putting their health in your hands. Social Proof gives them the confidence to choose you by validating your authority, staff, and practice.

Marketing Your Holistic Health Practice Without Sacrificing Time 

Outdated and isolated marketing practices where you hire a web designer with no marketing IQ to build out a website and then hire an incongruent agency to drive traffic are no longer working.

You’ll get far better results mastering and implementing these 4 elements to market your natural health practice.

  • Refine your POSITIONING to differentiate so you can attract the right patients and lead your clinic efficiently.
  • Build AUTHORITY and become the go-to in your industry so you can stop chasing down patients and focus on serving the ones in your office without compromise.
  • Increase VISIBILITY and build availability so those who need you can easily find you. (However, visibility alone doesn’t bring walk-in traffic…)
  • Establish SOCIAL PROOF to help provide potential clients a trust and confidence in you to care for their health.

Implementing these four elements together to market your holistic health clinic gives you more chance to treat more patients.

We have a whole system built to do it for you so you get more traffic, leads, and patients. Best of all, we do it all for you so you can serve patients at peak performance. Check it out here