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Drive More Traffic

We get Traffic, Leads, Clients/patients for Local Service Businesses, Upper Cervical Chiropractors, and Holistic Dentists.

Free Professional Setup

We’ll optimize your Google Business Profile for maximum visibility. Totally free – no strings attached.

We’ll contact you within one business day to complete your setup.

What’s the Catch?

We do this all the time and know exactly where most people make mistakes.

Honestly, it doesn’t take us that long and can make a huge difference in people finding your business.

Sometimes people also want us to continue helping them get more reviews, traffic, and leads, but that’s entirely up to you.

It’s just something we do because it helps people.

Why Local Marketing Matters

your greatest opportunity is local.

“Near me” searches have increased 900% in the last few years. And 500% in the last two years.


of customers use Google Business Profile to find business contact details


of Google Maps customers are looking for a local business


of potential customers look for reviews before choosing local services


of people trust Google reviews as much as a recommendation from a friend or family member


of users searched online to find a local business


of people who do a local search call the business within one day

We’re going to grab those leads, and put them on your Calendar.

how it works

Attract, Nurture, and Convert Prospects into Patients and Clients

The Four Corners Marketing System is specifically designed to help you generate leads and turn them into to customers. Check out our simple process to help you serve more people and treat more patients without sacrificing time.

1. Polished Online Presence

First we’ll polish your image with a professional web design and clear positioning. We’ll make sure people not only know what you do, but who you help so you attract your ideal audience. We’ll optimized your Google Business Profile with consistence message you have on your website so you build trust with search engine.

2. Capture & Nurture Leads

Then we’ll maximize your conversion with lead magnets and clear call to action. We’ll make it easy for prospects to take the next step in the buying journey with you. We’ll build authority and trust through education and inspiration content to transform them from research to buyers.

3. Convert Your Leads to Clients or Patients

Lastly, We’ll build you an automated onboarding sequence that removes friction so when your leads are ready, you can close them effortlessly. Lastly, we’ll invite your prospects to take the next step using your automated onboarding process. That’s why you’ll serve more people or treat more patients without sacrificing time.  

Who Am I?

Hi, I’m Francis John. I founded SAJMedia Website and Marketing to help local service businesses, upper cervical doctors, and holistic dentists get the leads they need to scale their businesses and practices.

I’ve spent the last 13 years honing the skills and strategies we use in our Four Corners Marketing System to make sure you get the results you need without feeling like you are gambling your marketing budget on an unproven system.

We know our clients care about real results more than they care about color palettes and fonts (though visual appeal is important and we can help with that, too).

That’s why our Four Corners Marketing System is drastically different from all of the other garden-variety web design and digital marketing agencies out there.

Reduce stress

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to save you time, reduce stress and win more business with solid local marketing solutions, SEO, website and referrals.

digital street creds

What People Are Saying

“…Francis helped me increase my clients and sales by increasing my audience, automating my contact and sales processes, as well as giving me a clear strategy for ranking higher in my sites SEO long-term.”

Jeff Mootz

Jeff Mootz

“We are extremely grateful for Francis and SAJMedia for the professional way he guided us through the process of building our website. My wife and I know nothing about this process and Francis did such a wonderful job at explaining every step as we went. Francis is also excellent at goal setting, and meeting expected time frames. We would highly recommend his services.”

“Francis is very patient and knowledgeable about things I have no clue about. He knows his stuff. And he’s very easy going and pleasant to work with. He didn’t expect me to be able to do things that I could not do. I’m so thankful that he helped me with my website building. I would definitely trust him to do more work for me in the future. I highly recommend his services.”

Becky Brunz

“When we started our new business, we knew how important it was to surround ourselves with media talent who could create a website we would be proud to present to the world. SAJMedia has done just that. They will work hard to represent you well by bringing to life the heart and soul of your business and services.”

Who This Is For

The Four Corners Marketing System is specifically designed for holistic dentists, upper cervical doctors, and service business owners who:

  • Operate with integrity
  • Deliver an awesome customer and patient experiences
  • Are serious about growing their clinic and service

If you run product-based business, you primarily work with large business-to-business clients, or are online looking for a few extra leads, we are not the best fit for you.

Sioux Falls Marketing agency

Digital Marketing Solutions

Serve more clients and treat more patients with website design and done-for-you local marketing that works.

SAJMedia Website and Marketing's Four Corners Marketing. A done-for-you marketing solution
All-in-0ne local marketing

Become the go-to expert in your community with done-for-you digital marketing system.

Custom Website Design

 Increase visibility, build trust, and convert more leads with conversion-first website design.

Social Proof

Build Client confidence with social proof and win more business.

Referral Network

Increase your profit with one of the highest converting leads.

Get More

We help service businesses, upper cervical chiropractors, and biological dentists serve more people and treat more patients.


Google Business, Local SEO, Paid Traffic


Email opt-in, Lead Nurturing


Convert leads into paying patients/clients


Frequently Asked Questions

See the list of our most frequently asked web design and digital marketing questions. If your question is not listed here, please contact us.

If you want results and a team to back you up with all of your digital and marketing needs, work with us! If you want an enjoyable, long-term, and professional relationship, consider us! We’re your personal marketing team…in an agency form.

What sets us apart is we come in as partners, which means we are more invested than other agencies or a freelancer. We like to look upstream and see the real problem that might be disguised as a website or marketing problem.

Sometimes dropping thousands on a website is not what you need and there’s a different approach that will benefit you more and will address the issues more directly and effectively. We value avoiding a poor investment as much as we esteem making a good investment. These are some ways we are different.

This is a really great question and the answer really comes down to your type of business and the problem you are trying to solve. Everything from marketing strategies to developing online platforms, we curate our services to help service business owners who operate with integrity and are serious about growth. This takes investment.

It really depends on the project. What are we trying to achieve? We can’t quote accurately without having a thorough understanding of your business goals.

Yes and No. What business problem are you trying to solve? We are in the business of solving business problems. We tend to turn down projects that have no clear problems to solve.

We help local service businesses, upper cervical doctors and holistic dentists from across the United States. We’re based out of Sioux Falls area, but we have no geographical limitation. We’ll entertain any project opportunity that has the potential to transform and revitalize a business.

5-Minute Marketing

For Service Professionals

Over the last few years, the deck has been reshuffled. Here’s what’s working now so you end up on top.


Five minute marketing for service professionals. digital marketing strategy booklet