Lead Drought

to Lead Flow [Part 1]

How being clear about the outcomes you help people achieve will establish your authority and increase the quality of your leads

When someone lands on your website, what do they see? 

Is it the same list of services that everyone has on their websites? Or, maybe you have a generic list of values, like quality, experience, honesty, etc., thinking it’s setting you apart even though your competitors are doing the same thing? 

The truth is, those values don’t tell me anything unique or interesting about you. Instead, focus on something only you can do. For example, I don’t know what the experience will be like working with you.

You will get more targeted leads if you show people what it is like to visit your office so they feel confident and comfortable when they book an appointment. If you just have generic content and stock photography on your website, you are hiding what people really care about. 

Show people pictures of your location, a few photos of your office, and introduce people to your staff so your clients can start building a relationship with you before they even show up. 

All you need is a relatively recent smartphone. We’ll show you what pictures to take. Then send us your photos and we’ll edit them to look awesome.

We’ll be your partners to help develop your online presence to maximize results. We’ll establish your brand as prime and differentiate your service in a welcoming way so you become the go-to professional in your niche in your local area. 

If this sounds good, tomorrow gets even better. Tomorrow, I’ll show you the modern way service businesses get leads without wasting time or money on ads. Keep your eye out for an email.

If you’re curious, you can click here to see tomorrow’s lesson now. Otherwise, I’ll see you right here tomorrow.



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